The Vietnamese Visa application form (Form NA1)

Vietnamese Visa application form (Form NA1) will be submitted at Visa landing counter desk at Vietnam airports to get the Visa into your passport.

This form is required for all people who want to get Visa on arrival.

* What you need to submit at Visa on arrival counter at Vietnam airport to get the Visa into your passport:

ØYour passport
ØHard copy of your Visa approval letter (The Visa approval letter printed in paper already).
ØThe Vietnam Visa Application form (Form NA1) – information completed already.
ØStamping fee at the airport.

This post will instruct you how to complete the Vietnamese Visa application form with the best corrected way.
There are 20 points in the form. We will explain one by one.

  • Number 1- Full name (in capital letters): You complete with your full name as in your passport. The order of your name is no problem. Just need to make sure it includes your first name, middle name and last name.
  • Number 2 – Sex: Tick (✔) as your gender
  • Number 3 – Your date of birth: Complete with format of dd / mm/ yyyy
  • Number 4 – Your place of birth: This was shown in your passport. Please check your passport and complete this point.
  • Number 5 – Nationality at birth: Complete with your Nationality at birth.
  • Number 6 – Current nationality: Which nationality you belong to now. This will be shown in your passport
  • Number 7 – Religion: Your current Religion (Let it blank if you are free in religion)
  • Number 8 – Occupation: Your current work
  • Number 9 – Employer and business address: Name and Address of your company or where you work or study (If any)
  • Number 10 – Permanent residential address – Phone/Email address: Complete with the address of where you are living now in your country with contact phone and email address.
  • Number 11 – Family members: This point needs to be completed with information of your father, mother or relative who are currently in your country, not people go on the trip with you. This will be used for contacting in case of emergency.
  • Number 12 – Passport or International Travel Document number (Type, Issuing authority and Expiry date): Your passport number and the Type, Issuing authority, Expiry date of your passport. Check your passport again to complete this point.
  • Number 13 – Date of the previous entry into VietNam: If you have visited Vietnam before, please compete with the date (dd/mm/yyyy). Let it blank if you enter Vietnam for the first time.
  • Number 14 – Intended date of entry and Intended length of stay in Viet Nam days: Your entry date Vietnam and how long your want to stay in Vietnam.
  • Number 15 – Purpose of entry: The purpose of your entry. Please check again with the Visa approval letter. You have applied for tourist visa or business Visa before. This will be shown on the first page of Visa approval letter.
  • Number 16 – Intended temporary residential address in Viet Nam: Complete with the address of your hotel or where you are going to stay in Vietnam.
  • Number 17 – Please let this point blank
  • Number 18 – Accompanying child(ren) under 14 years old included in your passport (if any): Your children does not have their own passport. Their information is on your passport. And you need to attache their photo and information on this point. If your children have their own passport already. You do not need to complete this point. Your children will need to complete this form as well. A completed form is required for them.
  • Number 19 – Applying for a visa, from… to: Your type of visa, single or multiple entries. And how long you want to stay in Vietnam.
  • Number 20 – Other requests: If you have any request, you can put it here. The last line: Done at, date of completed this form and The applicant’s signature and full name: Where you complete this form, the date you complete it. You signature and full name. If you need further information, please feel free to contact us.
>> In case you do not have the Visa approval letter, you can apply here >> Download the Vietnamese Visa approval letter here.